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Gum diseases are usually treated by periodontist. ).Gum disease also called as gingivitis is mainly caused by plaque and calculus on teeth. Gum disease if not treated can work its way towards the foundation of teeth and cause damage to supporting structures (bone) of our teeth. Firstly scaling of teeth is done. But if disease has propagated towards bone then it is called as periodontal disease which is treated by flap surgery.

During a flap surgery first an incision/cut is given. Then gums are elevated and all the underlying plaque, calculus and infected gum tissue is sutured / stitched back. Finally a putty/ coepack is given to cover that area.

Gum disease is also related to general health, for example diabetes, heart disease and low birth weight infants. Your dentist can help you to diagnose it at early stage. For periodontal consultation and treatment from the best PERIODONTIST IN MOHALI, Call @8493924428.