Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment involves removal of infected or dead pulp tissue from your tooth. A tooth consists of three layers: enamel, dentin and pulp. Pulp consists of nerves and vessels that supply the tooth.

Whenever any tooth becomes carious( bacteria enters tooth), if the carious lesion is in close proximity of pulp or has infected pulp, then root canal treatment needs to be done. This can be detected by a radiograph and decision is made according to radiographs and symptoms like pain , cold sensitivity pain while lying down.

Following steps are Done :

  • First an access is made to root canals and all the carious lesion and pulp  is removed .
  • Then canals are shaped with various files to create the space for filling.
  • Irrigation is done alongside to remove any debris and clean the canals.
  • Finally canals are filled with a material called as gutta percha .
  • Finally a permanent filling is done and tooth is reshed according to the lost structure.
  • Tooth becomes brittle due to the lost tooth structure. Thus a crown is customized ccording to shape and fit of your tooth.

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