Wisdom Tooth Extractions

WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTIONS employs a surgical procedure for the removal of wisdom tooth. In some cases wisdom tooth doesn’t get sufficient space in the jawbone leading to pain and infection. Thus an oral surgeon gives local anaesthetic to numb that area . Then incision/ cut is given to expose the field of surgery .Gum tissues are elevated and if required bone is cut in that area. Tooth is extracted and sutures/stitches are given. Sutures are removed after 10 days .

Post operative instructions to prevent any sequel -:

  • Patient should not spit to prevent dislodgement of clot.
  • Patient should not eat hot foods for one day. Instead intake of cold foods should be done
  • Try using ice pack intermittently on outside of your cheek on first day
  • Don’t use straw for drinking and avoid aerated drinks, alcohol and smoking.
  • Patient should avoid physical activities as it may increase the risk of bleeding.
  • After one day patient should rinse mouth with warm saline water.
  • Brushing your teeth carefully to avoid any undue trauma to site.

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